Yield reports

The creation of high quality yield reports belongs to our core competencies since the founding of the IBB. We have made already several hundred yield reports for photovoltaic systems all over the world. The quality criteria of the BSW directive "commitment of the yield assessors" are fulfilled by us. Each report is reviewed internally before passing on to the customers according to the four-eyes principle. From these facts, trust us leading banks, investors and designers.

We create the following types of yield reports:

Yield reports:

  • On-site visit to the plant area to assess the given shading effects
  • Research, preparation and evaluation of current climate data from various sources
  • Description and evaluation of the technical plant construction
  • Yield simulation with an approved simulation program
  • Explanation of the boundary conditions and loss assumptions
  • Result- and uncertainty analysis
  • Checklist of required customer documentation for the creation of PV Yield Assessment


Short yield report


Yield analysis and calculation of yield losses

  • Resimulation of an existing PV system over a given period
  • Using of climate data for this period
  • Implementation of an actual/target-comparison of the plant performance


Site survey

  • Research of climate data
  • Determination of the optimal solar module inclination
  • Analysis of environmental conditions (shading, horizon)
  • Possibility of grid connection
  • Yield estimation

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